Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Great Nutrition Turn-on: "Mulligan Stew"

Is this my first blog of 2011? It's about time!!

Anybody, remember this catchy theme?

Anyway, with all of the talk of funding cuts for public education and school programs, I am reminded of a multi-media (sort of ) approach to nutrition education that really worked for me. When I was in 5th grade, in 1973, I loved Saturday morning programming and I loved comic books. Well, evidently, some genius came up with a great way to reach the young members of the FGA chapter (Future Geeks of America).

One day, in my little country schoolhouse, our teacher handed out this comic book:

It had puzzles and activities and stories. And you followed along with a Saturday morning show. It was syndicated and followed the regular network programming. Fortunately, we had TV out in the country. This series was a very typical early 70's show with loud polyester, cheesy music, record-cover graphics, lsd-influenced animation, obnoxious (yet polite) kids, and token adults with porn 'staches.....kind of a low rent "Zoom" meets "Electric Company". Shot on 16 mm, it had the effect of being a driver's ed instructional video on acid. Speaking of porn, I think the character actor at 2:14 was featured in "Debbie Does Dallas."

"You gotta eat breakfast"..

What would a seventies kids show be without tambourines?

Just a fond remembrance. I don't have much else to say. My comic is in tatters, so I ordered a new one online. And thank God for Youtube.

More blogs to come this year. Lots stored up. Let's get this puppy moving.